João Côrtes' debut feature as a Director.

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

“By Those Hands that Lead Me” is a coming-of-age film, about love, empowerment and overcoming your fears, from a delicate, feminine point of view. It tells the story of Amora, a 22-year-old orphan, daughter of two artistic parents. The plot turns around Amora's journey when facing the challenges of becoming an independent woman, having to deal with the pain of her loss.

João performed as an actor in many commercials until 2013, until he signed with VIVO, the leading telecom company in Brazil. Then he stared a series of tv spots directed by Fernando Meirelles (City of God, Blindness). His character evolved in popularity so much that the campaign lasted three years, and João has got the chance to work with the biggest sharks in the Brasilian industry, getting relevant roles in several projects such as 'Buddies', 'Lascados', 'The Rob', 'I'm Rich', 'No One Gets Out', 'David's Secret' and 'Not Again'.

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