"I want to film expeditions all around the world. The more extreme and remote the adventure, the better."

Sindre Kolbjørnsgard

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Sindre Kolbjørnsgard is a filmmaker and explorer based in Trondheim, Norway. Sindre has made a couple of documentaries, worked for some big brands, climbed some of the highest mountains it the world and slept over 1000 nights in a tent. His goal is to tell stories capable of transporting the viewer to a place they'd never thought existed. Sindre's dream is to film expeditions all over the world- the more extreme and remote the adventure is, the better.

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Voice of the Glaciers

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'Voice of the Glaciers' is Sindre's last project during his expedictions. The documentary tells the story of four young adventurers, in the summer of 2019, who embark on a dangerous scientific expedition into the Arctic, aiming to document the real effects of climate change.

Through Eric's scientific degree in glaciology and Kris' crucial knowledge of navigating the local terrain, the team approaches the endeavour with an open mind, by seeking evidence to determine fact from hysteria about the rate of glacial melting. The journey proves to be an eye-opening revelation by revealing its urgent call for action. According to Sindre "something needs to be done before it's too late'.

The group's journey starts in the world's northernmost town, Longyearbyen. Equipped with photos with more than 100 years old, they set out to find and re-photograph the same locations, by traversing the brutally unforgiving Arctic terrain where they are forced to face reality.

We got the opportunity to have a chat with Sindre and get to know a bit more about his experiences.

LCF- Tell us a bit about your professional experience? How did you get into filmmaking? ​

Sindre- Seventeen years ago, I was a normal boy in elementary school, but I made a decision that would change my life, I wanted to be an explorer as a way to go to extreme places. As I grew, I found myself struggling in telling the good stories when I arrived back from my expeditions. First, I was working hard with photography before I slowly drifted over to the film universe with a hope to tell the best stories. It's been a wild ride, but today I would finally call myself an adventurer, photographer and filmmaker. The last few years, I have embarked on several significant expeditions in Norway and abroad. I have walked across Norway and Iceland, climbed four of the notorious seven summits and sailed across the Atlantic Ocean via Greenland to mention a few of my achievements. When it comes to filmmaking, I'm a self-taught filmmaker that loves the power of good stories. It was my urge to document my adventures that got me into filmmaking, and I'm so glad I have chosen to pursue a dream as an adventurer filmmaker.

LCF- How did you come up with the idea for 'Voice of the Glaciers'?

Sindre- I was invited as a photographer and explorer to help out on an expedition on Svalbard. In the beginning, the idea was never to make a film about the project, but I quickly released the potential and possible impact a film about climate change from Svalbard could have. I think it is challenging to entice ordinary people to partake in the battle with the climate problem as statistics are impersonal, and people do not enjoy being told what to do. Instead, we want the viewer to have an emotional connection to the story and through that, deduce their conclusions. I also think re-photography is the easiest way to understand how big climate change is, and I wanted to tell our personal stories instead of just showing the pictures we had taken.

LCF- And Finally, what are your career goals?


LFA- Was it easy to produce it? What difficulties have you and your crew found on the way?

Sindre- I would say this is my first real documentary and as a self-taught filmmaker, this been a difficult project to do. Doing a project and learning everything from storytelling to colour grading and sound design has been a challenge. I have also been alone doing the whole film. Therefore, I have missed someone to collaborate and exchange ideas with, but the fact that I have done everything myself and learned everything along the way makes me very proud of the result. I also look forward to using everything I have learned on my next project,

Sindre- When I dream about the future, I want to film expeditions all around the world and the more extreme and remote the adventure, the better. In the end, my goal is to tell stories with the ability to bringing people together and inspire them to live out their dreams. I also aim to circumnavigate Svalbard on a 42 ft steel-hulled sailboat over 1.5 months next summer. This will enable me to access these remote regions wherein the photographs were initially captured. On this trip, I want to create a longer documentary that depicts our story and engages viewers. The overall goal is to screen the documentary on national television in Norway.